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Proms at St Jude’s                                                                                     Wordsearch winners

              raises £1 million!                          DAVID WHITE                                              here were two winners of the   Adrian Brodkin and Tina Janering,
                                                                                                                TWordsearch competition in the   so we are awarding them both a
           e are delighted to announce   music and literary festival                                             last issue. It was a tie between   £20 Amazon book voucher.
      Wthat Proms at St Jude’s in   would capture people’s hearts.
      the  end raised £30,000  at  this   What  a  wonderful  journey  of
      year’s online-only festival. This   collaborative community effort
      brings Proms over the line to a   it has been for the past 28 years!
      cumulative total of just over £1   “Thanks to each and every one
      million donated to charity since   of you who has helped us reach
      Proms was founded in 1993!  this amazing number – whether
         That we were able to donate   as a volunteer, an audience
      as much as half of what we   member, sponsor, advertiser or
      raised last year, despite the   performer. Together we create
      Coronavirus lockdown, is a   the magic of Proms, have heaps
      tribute to the generosity of   of fun and, most importantly,
      everyone supporting our 2020   change lives in the process.”
      Proms at Home Festival.       As usual, beneficiaries were
         Proms founder Susie Gregson   Toynbee Hall, supporting young                                                      WORDSEARCH
      MBE  said:  “It  is  particularly   people in East London, and                                                his issue’s Wordsearch features Intercultural Festivals. We have
      special  to bring  an  uplifting   North London Hospice.                                                    Tincluded the names of 20 such festivals celebrated across the
      news story to local residents at   If  you would like  to get                                               world. One is highlighted to start you off. Names may be read in
      this time. Back in 1993 I’m sure   involved and volunteer to help                                           all directions, straight or diagonally. Answers please to
      that none of us guessed that we   Proms in 2021, please email ron.                                 with your name and contact details by
      might ever reach such a figure                                              the closing date of 1st February 2021. All correct entries go into
      or how the Suburb’s very own               RON FINLAY                       Proms founder, the indefatigable Susie Gregson  a draw to win a £20 book token. Stay safe and well. Good luck!
                                                                                                                                                     MARILYN GROSSMAN
                                    A tale from lockdown                                                           R  F  D  R  M  A  E  P  Z  B  W  O  Z  I  T  T  D  C  W  O
                                                                                                                   Y  A  D  G  N  I  X  O  B  P  H  T  L  C  G  I  E  H  J  F
                                                                                                                   U  H  M  R  R  E  T  S  A  E  I  Y  U  G  W  Q  H  R  A  N
                                    I’m   often  down   at  time to finish writing a dark   enjoy dark fantasy, just drop
                                     Northway Tennis Centre,   fantasy trilogy.       me an email and I might still     J  P  R  A  U  G  C  N  L  K  T  K  D  A  M  A  Q  I  Y  E
                                     training two of Middlesex   Kings and Daemons is the   have one left for you. I can be     O  D  L  U  D  P  S  I  E  J  S  K  L  C  N  K  P  S  B  I
                                     County’s up and coming   first book in The Gifted and the   reached at marcusleebooks@   M  K  U  T  M  A  P  M  T  M  U  I  J  A  B  D  H  T  V  M
                                     tennis stars, twins Annabelle   Cursed trilogy and has been or through my website     G  B  S  F  F  A  N  I  P  S  N  O  H  T  Q  A  A  M  F  D
                                      and Lucette Bentata, and   roundly applauded by lovers of
                                      never a training session   Dark Fantasy and Fantasy           MARCUS FRENCH    Q  O  X  F  C  H  P  E  K  V  L  S  V  V  H  F  K  A  H  E
                                      goes by that fellow   Romance. In a genre that is                            R  C  V  O  V  A  N  E  J  M  A  O  C  I  C  N  U  S  D  V
                                      ‘suburbians’ don’t stop   often littered with omnipotent                     Y  E  O  J  L  T  M  R  N  H  O  K  S  U  L  S  N  N  W  E
                                      to stare and admire   magical beings, I’ve brought a                         F  U  Q  U  E  W  S  I  H  E  G  Y  I  R  U  K  A  A  Y  S
                                       these  young  tennis  new slant in this series whereby                      D  L  B  C  T  M  H  S  O  I  W  A  J  L  E  U  H  A  H  W
                                       marvels  with  their  those who are gifted by the
                                       ferocious strokes and   gods, are sadly cursed in equal                     T  Z  O  T  D  K  O  A  M  C  N  Y  I  N  O  T  C  R  W  O
                                       infinite energy. Even   measure. Whilst this is a tale of                   D  S  N  M  A  R  P  A  S  S  O  V  E  R  J  H  N  J  Q  L
                                       though they’re only   conquest set in a dystopian                           T  E  A  S  E  I  D  K  B  M  F  F  D  A  E  O  C  I  S  L
                                        eight years old, they   world, there is a light romance                    L  A  I  L  I  V  L  A  F  I  M  L  N  V  R  W  V  Z  W  A
                                        play a game that most   within the book that provides a                    Z  A  F  R  C  A  L  N  H  K  M W  F  C  G  S  F  H  O  H
                                        adults can only dream   shining contrast, ensuring that
                                        of. It’s a privilege to   it has a far wider appeal.                       B  W  P  Q  K  C  C  Z  C  Z  U  E  B  X  X  O  E  W  R  L
                                        work with them and    Who knows whether one                                E  B  T  E  M  A  L  U  U  Q  B  Q  G  O  O  O  P  V  R  L
                                         to enjoy the friendship   day I’ll deviate from fiction and               B  Q  T  F  T  W  E  L  F  T  H  N  I  G  H  T  T  Z  E  A
                                         of their family.   write a different story of world
                                    Yet  during  lockdown,  like   domination, but this time                                SN143 WORDSEARCH ANSWERS
        t’s been twelve years since I   everyone else, I was unable to   revolving around Annabelle              The 20 World War II heroines were: Lilian Bader, Dame Henrietta,
      I moved to the Suburb, and   work so, throughout those dark   and Lucette. I hope so!                      Angela Buxton, Judy Finnigan, Mary Herbert, Myra Hess, Joan
      I’ve loved every single year. You   times, inspired by my son and   I have a few advanced reader           Laurance, Vera Lynn, Ann Mitchell, Jenni Murray, Jean Neal,
      might not have heard of me,  our shared love of the fantasy   copies of Kings and Daemons to               Odette Sansom, Irene Sendler, Dinah Sheridan, Violette Szabo, Liz
      but you’ll likely have seen me.  genre, I was able to dedicate the   give away for free, so if you         Taylor, Nancy Wake, Rebecca West, Jan White and Hilda Williams.

            Guidance on electric vehicle charging points

                                                                  With electric cars becoming more common, many residents may wish to install a car charging point on their

                                                                  driveway. As installing such a unit often constitutes a change to the external appearance of the property,
                                                                  Trust consent is required.

                                                                  The Trust is sympathetic to such requests and will deal with applications swiftly by exchange of email or

                                                                  letter. If you would like to enquire about installing a car charging point please email
                                                                  with a photo of your house with the proposed charging location clearly marked as well as a catalogue
                                                                  image of the proposed charging point and we will be happy to advise.

                                                                  The most important things to consider are the size of the unit and its location. Small units in discrete
                                                                  locations can be perfectly acceptable. The best location for the unit will naturally vary from house to house
                                                                  but generally side elevations of houses or garages can be good locations in terms of both aesthetics and
                                                                  convenience. If it is not possible to locate the unit on a side elevation, the unit may be positioned on a

                                                                  discreet part of the front elevation and screened by planting to make it less visible from the street.

                                                                  Owners of listed buildings should also contact Barnet regarding listed building consents.

                                                                  Please be aware that the ownership of an electric car or installing an electric car charging point is not
                                                                  sufficient justification for the creation of a new hardstanding that would not otherwise meet the
                                                                  Design Guidance.

                       862 Finchley Road, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London NW11 6AB   020 8455 1066   twitter: @HGSTrust

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