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Waterlow Court: an interesting past                                                     Learning online at HGS U3A

                                                                                          ur Autumn Term has started
                                                                                      Oon an incredibly positive
                                                                                      note. We have now progressed
                                                                                      to over 40 online groups.
                                                                                         Whether you want to join a
                                                                                      Gentle  Exercise class, learn or
                                                                                      improve your language  skills,
                                                                                      delve into the complexities of
                                                                                      crime with our Crime Club,
                                                                                      learn about faraway places with
                                                                                      our Talking Travel group, engage
                                                                                      in Art and Drawing, become a
                                                                                      member of the cast for our Play
                                                                                      reading group or join in our
                                                                                      fortnightly popular  London
                                                                                      Quiz, there is something there
                                                                                      for everyone.
                                                                                         We  are  also  particularly
                                                                                      appreciative and proud of our
                                                                                      professional Group Leaders who
                                                                                      give our members the opportunity
                                                                                      to pursue new interests or
         t the start of the twentieth   (Above) Waterlow Court today. (Below) Interior pictures circa 1910.  develop their skills. Our U3A
      A  century there was an                                                         would not function without
      increasing awareness amongst                                                    their dedication and the loyalty
      women that there was a                                                          of our members.
      different way of doing things.                                                     October was a busy month
      The invention of appliances like                                                for our Topical Talks; ranging   Visit to see the full range of courses available.
      the sewing machine gave women                                                   from  a  Talk  on  Human   the Pandemic Has Nudged    substitute for personal contact,
      an opportunity to work from                                                    © PHOTOS COURTESY OF HGS TRUST ARCHIVE  Trafficking and Modern Day   Practices and Prospects for   nevertheless U3A is maintaining
      home and the invention of the                                                   Slavery (part of our Crime Club),  Digital Health Technologies’.We   the human connection. The core
      bicycle gave them freedom.                                                      another talk on ‘Poisonous Plants   are also grateful that Professor   values of U3A are continuous
      Further inventions such as the                                                  Make Good Medicines’ and we   Baum agreed to facilitate a   learning, developing your interests,
      typewriter and the telephone                                                    were particularly indebted to   monthly series entitled ‘Science   making friends and also trying
      opened up completely new                                                        Evan  Davis,  the  brilliant  radio   and the Arts: Medical Humanities’,  something new. We endeavour
      work opportunities in offices                                                   presenter and journalist who   which  has proved  to be   to ensure we continue to fulfil
      and shops, as did the rapid                                                     fitted us into his busy schedule.  immensely popular.  this for our members.
      expansion of the school system,                                                 His talk was about his new book    Online learning continues   We also welcome new
      and the emergence of the new                                                    ‘Post Truth’. We have further   to  provide  the  opportunity  to   members and new ideas. We are
      profession of nursing.                                                          talks planned: one on Cyber   have larger group meetings and   an integral part of the local
         Henrietta  Barnett  had                                                      Crime, another on Forensic   develop groups with a wide   community, so please do check
      denounced as blasphemous the                                                    Accounting in a criminal trial,  choice of subjects. Although   us out at
      notion that “a woman is a non-                                                  and a third one entitled ‘How   the ‘new norm’ is not an exact    DAPHNE BERKOVI
      entity unless joined to a man”.
      She was involved in supporting
      working women and believed                                                          What’s new in the Virtual Museum
      in  the  suffrage  movement,  so,
      as she planned her Garden                                                           ver the last few ‘Covid’  am now Mrs S P Cooper. Spent, in the WW2
      Suburb, she wanted to include
      in it “a discreet settlement of                                                 Omonths, the HGS Virtual   the morning in general preparation.  Personal Memories section.
                                                                                                                                              Younger visitors will soon
      self-contained dwellings for single                                             Museum has seen the number   The whole family there inc   have their own ‘Fun-sized
                                                                                      of visitors to its website rise,  Gladwys and Laurie, the baby
      working gentle ladies”.                                                         with many of them coming   and  2  dogs.  Nearly  reached   Collections’ in the Museum,
         This resulted in Waterlow
      Court. The building was named                                                   from overseas, especially with   chaos as the doomed hour of 2   with  the  introduction  of  child-
      for Lord Sydney Waterlow who,                                                   enquiries about family history   pm approached. Awfully nice   friendly  material  for  school-
                                                                                      connected with the Suburb.  wedding ceremony at the  Free
                                                                                                                                            aged kids for each of the
      in 1860, had founded a philan-                                                  Work continues on increasing   Church...The reception at the   featured Collections. The first
      thropic  housing  company
      called The Improved Industrial                                                  the  collections  –  the  1911   tea house was quite fun...” You   one will be WW2, which should
      Dwellings  Company.  This                                                       Census Collection will be added   can catch up with the rest of   launch in early 2021.
                                                                                                                 Denise Peverett’s 1940 Diary at
                                                                                      over the coming months.
      company built the Court in                                                                                                                        MARJORIE HARRIS
      1908-9 as philanthropic housing                                                    Thanks to those of you who
      for single young women.                                                         have submitted WW2 memories
         Waterlow Court was designed                                                  for all to read – the Museum’s
                                                                                      expansion and range relies on
      by the architect Baillie Scott in                                               local people to share their
      the Arts and Crafts style. It was
      situated at the end of a cul-de-sac.                                            unique  Suburb  experiences,
                                                                                      knowledge, history and artefacts.
      A lych-gate (a gateway covered                                                  A prime example is the 1940
      with a roof ) opens to a timber-                                                diary just sent in by Denise
      framed and covered walkway   some of the flats have exposed   Waterlow Court had 50
      which leads to a quadrangular   timbers and dowelled joints. All   individual flats of three to five   Cooper’s daughter, Caroline
      building  of  lime-washed  brick   the doors, chairs, chests and   rooms, with a communal   Wright: “Tuesday 31st December
                                                                                      1940 – Well today I was married
      with timber-framed exterior   cabinets  were  also  specially   dining room, a small Common   and for the last time I write in
      elevations and low tiled roofs   designed. The courtyard has   Room,  housekeeper’s  and
      that feature a timber cupola   sheer unbroken white plaster   servants’ accommodation and a   my diary as Denise M Peverett. I
      and high brick chimney stacks.  walls and smooth undecorated   kitchen where communal meals
         The round-arched arcades   round-arched cloisters which,  were prepared. It was understood
      create a ‘cloister’ effect and serve   surprisingly, give softness and   that these professional ladies may
      as a walkway to the ground-  gentleness to its proportions.  not have been able to afford
      floor flats. They also give access   Around the buildings are   their own servants – but they
      to the dog-leg staircases with   five landscaped areas with   could afford bicycles and there
      18th century style balusters that   lawns,  beds  and  a  wild  garden   is a contemporary bicycle shed.
      have Jacobean style handrail and   with 35 fruit trees. The layout   The communal rooms were
      newel posts with turned finials.  remains similar today to that of   later converted to flats and the
         The windows are mullioned,  Baillie Scott’s original plan; it is   complex now has 54 flats in all.
      leaded casements and are of an   likely that the planting scheme   In 1943 residency at Waterlow
      original design. The interiors of   was inspired by Gertrude Jekyll.  Court was opened up to single
                                                            men, and couples were admitted
                                                            in 1954.
                                                              Waterlow  Court  is  now  a
            P R HARTLEY                                     Grade II listed building. The
                                                            owners of the flats have a share
         CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT                               of the freehold and help to
                                                            manage the Court through an
           & REGISTERED AUDITOR                             elected Board of Directors.
                                                               In 2019 a one-bedroom flat
         Accounting & Taxation Services                     described as ‘truly unique and rare
                                                            to the market’ was offered for sale
                                                            at an asking price of £475,000.
           Call 020 8731 9745 or 07850 634395
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