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Quarantined – again...

                                                                                         he first time I was quarantined   or working from home anyway,   As for exercise, I wish I
                                                                                      Twas over sixty years ago when   so no  life-changing shifts there.  could escape the stigma of
                                                                                      I was confined to bed, itching   Food and indeed supplies of   having had it all too easy and
                                                                                      unbearably and covered in   virtually anything under the   claim the only sky I’d seen for
                                                                                      chickenpox; catching it was   sun were no problem either with   two weeks was through my
                                                                                      considered a good thing even if   the friendly Ocado delivery man   windows and I’d had to make
                                                                                      then it wasn’t called ‘herd   just a click away. We couldn’t   do with an endlessly repeating
                                                                                      immunity’. Result: off lessons    have starved even if the internet   video  of Joe Wicks’s ‘fitness’
                                                                                      (mixed news), off games (great   had gone down permanently,  exercises , but we have a garden
                                                                                      news) but exiled for weeks from   as our neighbour texted us   leading onto a paddock which
                                                                                      the company of all my chums   several times to ask if she could   we could circle every day until
                                                                                      (definitely bad news). My principal   go shopping for us, or do   we got giddy.
                                                                                      memory is lying in bed listening   anything at all to help.  And finally, how many times
                                                                                      to Test Matches from Lord’s and   While the novelty of Zoom   have you said to yourself “What
                                                                                      Headingly,  England v India, five   get-togethers wore off during   an opportunity: I’m going to
                                                                                      days at a time of blissfully   lockdown, they banished any   catch up on all those books
                                                                                      soothing commentary. I’ve been   sense of being cut off both then   piling up by my bedside”? Me
                                                                                      trying to recapture the experience,  and during quarantine; what a   too. And I still haven’t read
                                                                                      on a deck-chair, ever since.   magical weapon the mute button   Proust. Lost time, indeed.
                                                                                         Six decades later, I was in   has become.                          NEILL ROSS
                                                                                      quarantine again, on return
                                                                                      from France. I was lucky in the
                                                                                      1950s and I was lucky now –                                                    CAROLINE MASSEL
                                                                                      unlike any number of people
                                                                                      who had their annual holidays
      (l-r) Karen and Oliver Bobroff: Debra Young, Juliette Katz and Freddie Dalah (the delivery bags are donated by G-Star clothes).  cruelly cut short or, worse,
                      The Chicken Soup Run                                            rushed for home to find they
                                                                                      were held up at the border,
                                                                                      missed the deadline and  had to
                                                                                      quarantine after all. So, I have
         here are numerous anecdotes   very deserving recipients from   to use the services of neighbours
      Tand recipes about Chicken   all faiths, who were elderly,  offering help.      no horror stories to report from
      Soup and its benefits. Just do a   isolated, vulnerable, or unwell.   One afternoon, an NHS   personal experience, which may
                                                                                      be boring but there it is. Given we
      browser search on ‘Chicken Soup’  Needing help, I reached out to   volunteer came to our house to   always knew our confinement
      and you will find innumerable   friends. The outpouring of   deliver  a  prescription  she  had
      recipes. There are even medics   volunteers was incredible, their   collected for us. Her name was   was time-limited and short, there
      that  tell  us  that  chicken  soup   input invaluable. Bakers, delivery   Juliette and we struck up a   was something of the desert
                                                                                      island about the whole thing,
      offers several health benefits.   drivers, fruit salad makers etc.  conversation about our personal   without any of the hardships.
         However, when Lockdown     Our deliveries contained   circumstances  and  discovered
      was imposed in March at the   soup, cholla (bread), croutons,  she also lived in Oakwood Road.   Even stumbling into the over
      onset of Covid-19, Chicken Soup   homemade cakes, cookies, latkes   Consequently, there was a swift   70’s bracket has its compensations:
                                                                                      yes, we may stand a higher risk
      suddenly took on a completely   (fried potato cakes) and fruit salad.  offer of a delivery of Chicken   of becoming properly ill, but
      unique connotation.        Children in the community   Soup which I gracefully accepted.
         Juliette  Katz  and  her  team   drew beautiful cards with heart-  It was a wonderful surprise to be   we’re most likely already retired   Neill and Brenda Ross
      snapped into action forming   warming messages. For many   greeted on a late Friday morning
      ‘The Chicken Soup Run’.    recipients, seeing the same   with a large carrier of food.  Big push in 2021 for Combat Stress
           JULIETTE KATZ’S       delivery driver every Friday was   This dedicated team of
                STORY            their only form of human   volunteers have been brightening
      At beginning of lockdown my   contact and those relationships   our lives with the generous food   he Hampstead Garden Suburb    The events already planned  • Concert on Saturday 9 October
      concerns were not only for   are still ongoing.       they make for us and deliver  TCombat Stress Committee is   for 2021 include:   in the Free Church.
      friends and family but also my   As lockdown restrictions   every Friday. Their wonderful   now concentrating on making  • Nearly-new Clothes & Book Sale;  All of these events of course
      neighbours and local community.  eased, many volunteers returned   act of kindness not only raises   a huge effort to raise as much as  • Refreshments at the HGS Art   are subject to Covid restrictions
      I wondered what else could I do   to work or lived too far away. I   our spirits but makes us feel   possible in 2021 with a variety   Fair on 5 & 6 June;  but  we’re  really  hoping  they’ll
      other  than  shopping  and  wanted to keep the scheme   cared  for  and  not  alone,  of fundraising events.    • Private Garden Opening (David   all be running and look forward
      collecting medication. From a   afloat but needed help. So, I   bolstering  an appreciation of   As we’ve been unable to do   & Caroline Broome, next summer);  to welcoming you all to our
      local WhatsApp group I learned   posted a message on our   being part of a remarkable and   any events this year, boosting  • Screening  of  Military  Wives   events next year!
      of a gentleman who was ill with   Oakwood  Road  WhatsApp  special community.   funds for Combat Stress is even   Choir’ Film; and                 MARJORIE HARRIS
      Covid but not hospitalised. I   group for volunteer drivers and   CAN YOU HELP?  more important than ever as
      contacted him and offered him   the response was incredible.   The  committed  squad  of  our fundraising capacity has
      some Chicken Soup. The next   DAPHNE BERKOVI’S        volunteers want to continue   been severely affected by the
      day I received this message:        STORY             this valuable service as they are   Covid-19 crisis.
      Juliette your soup is delicious. This   Once lockdown started we were   aware that restrictions will   In these difficult times it’s
      is the sort of penicillin that will   literally confined to quarters. As   prevail for some time, causing   important to be positive, so in
      cure  any  coronavirus  symptoms.  I am a carer for my hubby and   continued isolation to some   addition to the events listed
      In case you are interested this is   have been for over 10 years, I   members of our community.  below, Chairman Ruth Smith
      the first proper meal I have eaten   suddenly found myself having   However, they do need vital   wonders whether some of you
      in 6 days and it tastes so good.  to be reliant on others; not an easy   funds to ensure its survival. If   might like to fill any spare
      Maybe I am on the turn after all!   thing to adjust to.   you can make a small donation  ‘lockdown’ hours helping us to
         The Chicken Soup Run was   A friendly and supportive   please do contact Juliette at   make some hand-made craft
      born! Within three to four weeks   WhatsApp Group was formed  products which we can sell at our
       GAD_Property_SuburbNews_137mm x 120mm_Layout 1  21/08/2020  00:18  Page 1
      we were delivering to over 50   in Oakwood Road and I started     DAPHNE BERKOVI  events in aid of Combat Stress.
                                                                                      These items could be garden-
                                                                                      related eg DIY paper plant pots
                                                                                      for seedlings, clay hand-printed
             Oliver Joseph, Solicitor                                                 plant labels, decorated pots,
                                                                                      bird food seed cakes or pet-
                                                                                      related for the many dog and
            Suburb                                                                    you’d like to make or you have
                                                                                      cat owners in the Suburb!
                                                                                      some crafting ideas that will sell
            specialist                                                                well.  So, if you’d like to help us      G Cohen
                                                                                      with our craft project, please do
                                                                                                                                ANTIQUE SILVER
                                                                                      contact Ruth at ruthafsmith@
                                                                             - we’d love to hear
                                                                                      from you!

                                                                                                                       We wish to purchase items of silver in any
                                                                                                                       condition. As a long standing resident of the
            For fast and competitive conveyancing                                                                      Suburb,  Gideon  Cohen  is  happy  to  view

            call Oliver on 020 8209 0166 or                                                                            your silverware at home and will make an
            email                                                                               offer to purchase, free of any obligation.

                                                                                                                              17 The London Silver Vaults
                                                                                                                        53-64 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1QT
                                                                                                        020 7404 1425
            746 Finchley Road NW11 7TH                                                                                

            Gregory Abrams Davidson Solicitors is a trading                                                          
            name of National Law Partners Limited.

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