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Peter White 1935 - 2020                                              Professor Deepak Lal 1940 - 2020

                                                              After reading maths at Jesus   rofessor Deepak Lal combined
                                                            College, Oxford, Pete got a job   Pthe skills of an economist, a
                                                            at an IT company in what were   widely read historian and a                                              DEEPIKA SUTTON
                                                            the early days of computing.   keen observer of contemporary
                                                            During his first few weeks of   politics. Educated in India and
                                                            training he found himself in   living intermittently in India
                                                            the back row of the class with   throughout his adult life, Deepak
                                                            Andrew, who would later become   experienced the trauma of
                                                            his brother-in-law when he   partition and the subsequent
                                                            married my mother Jan in 1962.   political challenges.
                                                            They began married life in   In 1960 Deepak studied PPE
                                                            Asmuns Hill and as their family   at Oxford, returning to India to
                                                            grew, they moved to Hampstead   pursue  a  career  in  the  Indian
                                                            Way where they stayed for over   Foreign Service. After a brief spell
                                                            50 years.                 in Tokyo, Deepak resumed his
                                                              Pete was very involved with   affiliation with Oxford as a
                                                            the local branch of the Liberal   research associate and lecturer
                                                            Democrats. He also helped run   at Christ Church and Nuffield
                                                            the bar at the annual Proms at   Colleges. In 1970 he took up a
                                                            St Jude’s and spent many hours   post at UCL where he later
                                                            helping Jan raise money for the   became Professor of Economics.
                                                            North London Hospice. Pete was   In 1973 Deepak took a year’s
                                                            also Honorary Treasurer for 13   leave from UCL to work as a
                                                            years at The Orchard Housing   consultant to The Indian Planning
                                                            Society in the Suburb.    Commission in New Delhi. He
                                                              Pete’s priorities were always   took up this post as an
                                                            his family and his dogs and he   enthusiastic advocate of planning
                                                            loved spending time chatting   in  the  optimistic  belief  that
                                                            and laughing with his children   government intervention in
                                                            and grandchildren. He was   economic affairs might bring
                                                            devoted to Jan and cared for her   prosperity to India. He soon   for World Power’ (2018) reflect   share space with robins and
                                                            so lovingly when she became ill.   realised most economic decisions   his diversity of background,  foxes and the odd visiting cat,
                                                            Pete had a great sense of   have more to do with securing   geographical  settings  and  or when walking on the Heath.
                                                            humour and was very sociable –   political advantage for a privileged   interests and all benefit from   He admired the  architecture
                                                            his daily walks around the   few  than  ensuring  greater   his unique intellectual curiosity   and compared it favourably to
           y father Pete was born in   Pete had a great time at
      M Liverpool in 1935. His   school. He even featured in the   Suburb could take hours as he   material well-being for the   and imagination. The unifying   Lutyens’ New Delhi. Latterly
                                                                                                                 thread linking Deepak’s prolific
                                                                                      citizens of India.
                                                                                                                                            Deepak used his walker to stroll
       earliest memory was seeing the   local press which declared him   stopped and chatted with all   Despite returning to academic   output and many achievements   around Central Square, stopping
       second RMS Mauretania being   a hero due to his discovery of a   his acquaintances! Pete was   life, Deepak remained committed   was his arguing the case for   to sit on a bench to assess the
                                                            always  positive,  fun,  kind  and
       built in 1938 and then watching   fire  started  by  the  PE  master
      her maiden voyage past Ainsdale   having a sneaky cigarette!   gentle and his passing leaves a   to carrying out research relating   classical liberalism as the most   state of the new raised gardens
                                                                                                                                            or the condition of a church roof.
                                                                                                                 certain foundation for economic
       beach. At the end of the 1940s the   In 1954 Pete started his   very large gap.  particularly the alleviation  of   growth and democratic political   Deepak always enjoyed HGS
       family moved to Barry in South   National Service which he           ZIZ CHATER
      Wales, leaving Pete boarding at   didn’t much enjoy but, typically,             poverty in India and other   institutions that sustain civil   events, most especially our annual
                                                                                                                                            street party, The Proms and New
      King William’s College in the   he always looked on the   The full obituary is held in the HGS   developing  countries.  The  society and individual liberty.  Year’s Eve fireworks. And of course,
                                                                                      monthly column he wrote for
                                                                                                                    Deepak described himself as
      Isle of Man where the family   positive side and remembered   Heritage  Virtual  Museum,  visit:   The Business Standard, an  ‘a gypsy’. However, as well as his   Deepak was grateful that HGS is
      had moved during the war.   the funny moments.
                                                                                      influential newspaper published   strong affiliation to New Delhi,  a ‘real neighbourhood’,  where
                                                                                      in India, was instrumental in   he was securely anchored to   we  knew, depended upon and
      Abbeyfield House: a home from home                                              making his views known and   1973. Deepak valued its beauty,  living next door or on an
                                                                                                                                            enjoyed the company of people
                                                                                                                 HGS where we have lived since
                                                                                      securing a following.
                                                                                         Deepak’s many publications   whether  peering  out  of  his   adjacent street, many of whom
                                                            in Holmsfield, a cul-de-sac off   from ‘Wells and Welfare’ (1972)    study window at our wonderful   are life-long friends.
                                                            Erskine Hill, in a quiet and   to ‘War or Peace, the Struggle   garden where trees and flowers   BARBARA BALLIS LAL
                                                            peaceful section of the Suburb’s
                                                            Artisan Quarter.
                                                               Formerly a children’s home,               Henrietta’s Orchard
                                                            this charming Edwardian red-brick
                                                            property joined the Abbeyfield                       (continued from page 1)
                                                            group in 1977. It comprises eleven
                                                            bedrooms, all with en-suite   benefit organisations, we plan   become largely self-sustaining   Do  get  in  touch  and  help
                                                            facilities and kitchenettes. The   to run skill building workshops,  in subsequent years.   make this a HGS community
                                                            house contains a comfortable   including effective orchard tree   All kinds of help will be   achievement – interest in the
                                                            communal  sitting-room  and   care and pruning and to create   appreciated, from advice and   orchard will be welcome at any
                                                            dining room. In the summer   fun and healthy activities for   creative input helping to establish   time but we want to have the
                                                            months, residents will find a   residents and local school groups.  the community orchard, hands-  orchard group established before
                                                            haven of peace and quiet in the   Following  planting,  the  on volunteering with planting,  the end of 2020 so, if you want
                                                            beautiful, shady garden.  young fruit trees will need extra   tree and wildflower meadow   to get involved, please email
                                                               I cannot speak too highly of   attention during the first few   maintenance and harvesting, to   now: or
                                                            Abbeyfield’s caring staff, under   years, including watering and   organising or simply enjoying   call 020 8458 2402.
                                                            the watchful eye of Lin, the   weeding  but  then  should  the orchard-related events.     MARIA SCHLATTER
                                                            Managing Housekeeper, who has
          uring the refurbishment of   draughts. I was indeed lucky to be
      Dmy house in the autumn of   offered temporary accommodation   devoted herself to its residents
                                                            for over 30 years. Whenever I
      2019 I had little choice but to   in Abbeyfield House, a sheltered   asked for items in my room,
      make myself scarce in order to   residential home for the elderly.  such as an extra chair, or a light,
      escape the clutter, dust and   Abbeyfield is conveniently located
                                                            these were quickly and willingly
                                                            brought to me and nothing was
                                                            ever too much trouble.
         WE’VE GOT                                          other residents, they all told me
                                                               In conversations with the
         YOU COVERED.                                       how well they were treated and
                                                            they expressed their appreciation
                                                            for the staff’s thoughtfulness
                                                            and kindness.
         We have insured clients and their                    Abbeyfield guests look after
         families in Hampstead Garden Suburb                themselves for breakfast in their
         for 35 years...                                    rooms and meet for lunch and        WHETHER YOU’RE SELLING OR BUYING
                                                            supper in the dining room. Lunch
                                                            is the main meal of the day and            WE ARE HERE FOR ALL YOUR
                                                            the home-cooked meals are
         Personal quote:                                    varied and appetising. I always                    PROPERTY NEEDS.
         020 8353 8957                                      enjoyed them, in particular, the
                                                            tasty puddings.                     LOCAL    |    LONDON    |    WORLDWIDE
         Commercial quote:                                    Although I was pleased to
         020 8353 8940                                      return to my house after five weeks
                                                            away, I recall the intervening
                                                            time as being a period of home                             Fine & Country Hampstead Garden Suburb
         Visit our new website:    from home. What better could                               t 0208 731 1710
                                                            one possibly ask?                                          e
                                                               For further information on
                                                            Abbeyfield House call 8455 2607
                                                  YEARS     or go to       Hampstead Garden Suburb
                                                                         DAVID LITTAUR
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